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What is it
A twentyten brand visit is an investment in your brand, but more importantly, in your team. 3 days of creative sessions, where the goal is to get your team working more efficiently with your overall strategy and brand.
What will I get
Your team will receive the tools to make the most of your already defined brand identity, as well as the neccessary templates to continously succeed going forward. Combined with a series of relevant and inspiring inputs from the world of branding and design, your team will be left inspired and eager to get going.
Who is it for
If you are working in one of the many companies that is on a journey to build a strong brand from inside the organisation, this is for you. 

Establishing a memorable brand, doesn't necessarily require you to start over, to get it right. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on what you've already got going on.

Inspiring creative sessions that will boost morale and confidence


You'll need to block your team's calendar for up to 3 days - but don't worry. We will be working with your team's current tasks throughout the sessions, ensuring that our focus is where you need it to be.

Here is what a 3 day program looks like

Depending on the availability of you and your team, we create a program that suits you and your needs. We can come to you, or you come to us, either way works. The following is an example of how 3 days together with us could look.


Day 1

In order to get us properly onboarded in your team's setup and capabilities, we do a deep-dive in your latest communications efforts, and get introduced to the issues you might have encountered.

We get familiar with the visual toolbox you already have at hand, and have open discussions around how to best use those tools to deliver on your overall strategy.


Day 2

Based on the discussions from Day 1, we get to work on the tasks you have prepared for us to look at.

Types of tasks we typically face:

1. Templates for SoMe
2. Slide decks and presentations
3. Reports
4. Illustrations/explainers
5. Infographics
6. Brochures/flyers
7. Icons
8. Posters
9. Etc.


Day 3

Looking at the work from day 2, we highlight the missing pieces in your toolbox, and create an updated version of your design manual. 

Based on your overall business strategy, we provide you with a series of key messages that highlight the benefits of your offering, and a plan for how to make them come to life.

If this sounds like something for your team, please don't hesitate to reach out. We will gladly create a custom program that fits your specific needs. Whether we come to you, or you come to us, is totally up to what fits best with your organisation.

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